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Clare Mason

$3,000 of AUD $3,000 target.

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Clare Mason


Hi there!  My name is Clare and I am a nurse at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.


Despite what you hear and read in the media, our health system is pretty good in comparision to some countries around the world.  That's why I am volunteering with Open Heart International, and using my time and skills to help.  Later this year I will be travelling to Tanzania. 


As a team we will be performing open heart surgery on children in Tanzania and supporting local hospital staff to care for these children before, during and after surgery.


Open Heart International has been travelling the world since 1986.  In excess of 165 project visits have been coordinated and over 6,000 lives have been transformed!


My role in the team is as a ward nurse.  This means that I will be working alongside the nurses to care for these children both before and after their open heart surgery.


By supporting this important work you are providing much needed funds to support the project costs including supplies, travel expenses, and equipment.  Taking large teams and lots of equipment around the world doesn't come cheaply, so every single piece of support will help make a difference.


To donate, simply click on the Donate Now button.  Your donation is secure via our internet portal, and you will receive your tax deductible receipt via email instantly.


Thanks for your support! 

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Open Heart International (ADRA Australia)

Open Heart International is a humanitarian agency who facilitates surgical best practice in disadvantaged communitiesso the help we provide lasts lifetimes.

We like to call Australia the lucky country, but when it comes to healthcare, we’re not just lucky, we’re world-leading. So we believe it’s not only our privilege, but our responsibility to share surgical best practice with the most disadvantaged communities on the planet. By bringing modern surgery, training, equipment, and community education to where they are needed most, we’re not just saving lives today, we’re transforming awhole community’s abilitiy to save lives ongoing. And we believe this is truly the most valuable gift we can possibly give to other human beings.It's why we say "save one, save many" and it is the reason why we exist.
To learn more about us, we encourage you to visit our website

Open Heart International is a partnership of ADRA Australia and Sydney Adventist Hospital.

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Clare Mason

for Open Heart International (ADRA Australia)

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